Anne Magill

Born in County Down, Northern Ireland in 1962, Anne Magill studied at St. Martins School of Art in London.

Anne Magill is one of the art world’s best-kept secrets, with work held in corporate and Private Collections worldwide, including those of an astonishing list of Hollywood stars.

Magill’s figures reside in the twentieth century but have a timeless quality, where the edges that define generations or period are blurred.

The evocative nature of her paintings are best described by the author, Josephine Hart:

"The great power of Anne’s work is her Hopper-like genius to compel us to weave a story, conjured from our own repertoire about these scenes. Though we do not know the men or women we feel we recognize them, as they stand gazing at an event we cannot see or walking, face hidden under a hat, towards a destination of which we are unaware".


Anne Magill is preparing for a major exhibition of new work which is scheduled for October 2010. Organised by Heartbreak Publishing, the exhibition will be Magill's first since 2008 and will comprise new paintings and editions.


Heartbreak Publishing will be publishing a series of new limited edition prints, posters and cards to accompany Anne Magill's exhibition.

Click here to view the Magill limited editions that are currently available.

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