We accept payments via credit or debit card and wire transfer.

If you wish to remit funds via wire transfer, please contact us so that we may supply you with our banking details and so that we may process your order off-line. On receipt of your funds, your order will be fulfilled.


If your order is to be delivered outside of the European Union (EU), you do not have to pay VAT (UK Sales tax). Please see the Non EU prices listed for confirmation of the export price for each item. If a Non EU price is not listed, the item is not subject to VAT e.g. books. We are able to ship both unframed and framed orders around the world and your shipping charges will be calculated and confirmed when we have the exact details of your order and the delivery address.


If you would like to know the cost of our prints in a currency other than £Sterling (GBP), please click here to access a currency conversion website where you will be able to calculate the equivalent cost in your own home currency. Please note, all transactions will be billed in GBP. The exact cost of your order in your own currency will be determined by the exchange rate on the date on which your credit card transaction is processed.


Click here for information on our delivery charges.